Dameron Law Firm | Assault & Family Violence
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Assault & Family Violence

The Dameron Law Firm in Fort Worth understand the significance of assault charges, including assault against a family member, and the impact they can have on your future.


Assault, family violence assault and violations of protective orders are Class A misdemeanors. If convicted, you face jail time, fines and more.  A family violence conviction can cause you to lose your right to possess a gun and you can never get it off your record.  Craig Dameron has experience navigating these complicated cases and will work hard to protect your rights.


In these situations, an assault occurs if one person recklessly or intentionally causes “bodily injury” to another. Bodily injury is often described as an action that causes pain. No physical evidence of injury, such as a bruise or broken lip, is required for a charge to be filed. However, the lack of a visible injury may make your case very defendable and ultimately result in a dismissal or an acquittal.


The Dameron Law Firm, is a criminal defense law firm located in Fort Worth.  Attorney Craig Dameron works tirelessly to mitigate the damages that an arrest may cause and does everything possible to help you through the criminal court system.


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