Dameron Law Firm | Drug Crime
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Drug Crime

Attorney Craig Dameron has experience defending the rights of people charged with drug violations, in both possession and delivery cases. No matter what the level of charge or the type of drug involved, you need a lawyer at your side with the knowledge to guide you to the best possible outcome.  Tarrant County has programs for first time drug offenders that will allow your case to be dismissed if properly completed.  Don’t hesitate, call today to find out if your case will qualify!


Drug charges are serious, even for a Class B Possession of Marijuana. In Texas, you can receive lengthy jail time or a prison sentence for the first offense, as well as thousands of dollars in court costs and fines. In addition, upon any drug conviction, the law required a mandatory driver’s license suspension, even if you were not driving a car!  Penalties for second or third time convictions are even more severe.


The Dameron Law Firm, is a criminal defense law firm located in Fort Worth.  Attorney Craig Dameron works tirelessly to mitigate the damages that an arrest may cause and does everything possible to help you through the criminal court system.


Call 817-222-0624 to make a no obligation consultation appointment. We’ll decide together if we are the right law firm for you and discuss affordable payment options.

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