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Occupational Driver’s License

An Occupational Driver’s License is a special type of license that is issued to individuals who have a suspended driver’s license.  The Occupational License authorizes an individual to operate a vehicle when while their license is suspended and the terms of the Occupational License depend on the type of suspension.  One type of Occupational License allows and individual to only drive for work, school related activities, and performance of essential household duties.  Another type of Occupational License that may be obtained following a driver’s license suspension for Driving While Intoxicated has no essential need restrictions, but does require the interlock device and SR-22 insurance.  


Whether the suspension is from the Department of Public Safety or a Criminal Judge depends on where we can file the petition for the Occupational License.  Once the Judge grants the Occupational License Order, an individual may drive using the Order for the next 45 days.  The Order is not the license, the Order and other paperwork must be immediately sent to the Department of Public Safety.  The Department of Public Safety will process your paperwork, and issue the Occupational License for the length of the suspension period.  Once thing to remember, an Occupational License cannot be used to operate a commercial vehicle.




Before a judge will grant an Occupational License, an individual must provide a copy of their SR-22.  The term “SR-22 insurance” is a confusing. An SR-22 is not actually an insurance policy, but rather a form that is filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety to show that you are meeting your state’s minimum liability insurance requirements.  The insurance company that issues your SR-22 must constantly monitor your policy to verify you continually have insurance coverage.  If you stop carrying insurance, the issuing insurance company will notify the Department of Public Safety that an individual no longer has coverage and the Department of Public Safety may cancel the Occupational License.


Trying to obtain an Occupational License can be confusing!  The Dameron Law Firm has experience in helping our clients drive legally!  Call today to get more information!

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