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DWI arrests in Texas can have serious consequences, including large fines, probation fees, mandatory attendance in alcohol classes and even jail time. These offenses are a unique area of the criminal justice system. They require an experienced attorney who can challenge common assumptions such as the accuracy of field sobriety and breath tests.

If you have been charged with a DWI in or around Fort Worth, the State is required to prove the truth of its allegation beyond a reasonable doubt. We will work with you to determine the best result possible and set a course of action to defend your rights. We keep our clients abreast of developments in their cases and how these developments affect our plan going forward. Our team of professionals offers the highest level of service to every client we serve. This commitment and dedication set us apart from other law firms.

There’s a rampant misconception in Fort Worth that if you pay a very high retainer fee for your lawyer, he must be good enough to get your case dismissed. That’s just not the reality. We know an unaffordable retainer only puts clients in a more unbearable financial situation.

The Dameron Law Firm, is a criminal defense law firm located in Fort Worth. We represent our clients with integrity and legal expertise. We’ll treat you like we would want to be treated as we defend your rights and achieve the best outcome possible.

Call us at 817-222-0624 or email us to make a no obligation consultation appointment. We’ll decide together if we are the right law firm for you and discuss affordable payment options.

If this is something we can help you with, please feel to contact us!