Dameron Law Firm | Theft
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If you have been charged with theft in the Fort Worth area, please call for a no obligation consultation.  Attorney Craig Dameron can evaluate your case and determine the best course of action.  Attorney Craig Dameron has experience in handing theft cases ranging from misdemeanor shoplifting to felony theft of an automobile.  The type of punishment can vary depending if you are a youthful first time offender or if you have multiple convictions on your record.  You must have an experienced Fort Worth criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights.


If you receive a conviction for a theft charge, it will stay on your record forever!  It could prevent you from passing a background check for employment and cause a host of other future negative consequences.  If have more than one theft conviction on your record, the consequences are even more severe!  At The Dameron Firm, we have the skill, determination and experience to fight your court battle with you.


The Dameron Law Firm, is a criminal defense law firm located in Fort Worth.  Attorney Craig Dameron works tirelessly to mitigate the damages that an arrest may cause and does everything possible to help you through the criminal court system.


Call 817-222-0624 to make a no obligation consultation appointment. We’ll decide together if we are the right law firm for you and discuss affordable payment options.

If any of these areas concern you, please feel to contact us!