Dameron Law Firm | Weapons Violations
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Weapons Violations

Weapons charges require a Fort Worth attorney who knows the law

If you have been charged with a weapons violation in Tarrant County, choosing an attorney may be the most important decision you make. You need someone who knows the law. The Dameron Law Firm will give you candid advice, work hard on your behalf and fight to protect your rights.


A weapons violation is a serious offense in Texas. Unlawful Carrying Of A Weapon and Possession Of A Prohibited Weapon are a class A misdemeanors and can carry a penalty of up to one year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine.


The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms. However, in the interest of safety, laws and codes at the federal, state and local level clarify in what manner one is allowed to exercise that right. Carrying a weapon may be unlawful, depending on where you are and what type of weapon is involved. Craig Dameron can explain how the law applies in your case and help you get the best possible outcome.


The Dameron Law Firm, is a criminal defense law firm located in Fort Worth.  Attorney Craig Dameron works tirelessly to mitigate the damages that an arrest may cause and does everything possible to help you through the criminal court system.


Call 817-222-0624 to make a no obligation consultation appointment. We’ll decide together if we are the right law firm for you and discuss affordable payment options.

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