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Being accused of a crime can be terrifying. There is a lot of uncertainty in the process. You may be worried about going to jail, or perhaps the social and professional ramifications are more concerning to you. We know what is at stake in each and every criminal prosecution. That is why we take each and every case just as seriously as you do. When your freedom and your future are on the line, you can count on us to fight for you. No matter what the accusation against you may be, you have rights that we will fiercely protect.

Whether this is your first time in the criminal justice system, or this process is familiar, know that you are not alone when you are facing prosecution. Allow our Fort Worth criminal defense lawyers to be your advocate.


Criminal Defense

An arrest can shake up your life in a major way. Texas is known for its harsh approach to crime, but we understand that it is not always warranted. Our goal is to secure the best possible outcomes to any charge. The interplay between crime, mental health, and addiction can be complex. We believe that no crime is ever quite as simple as it seems. Through careful investigation of the complete set of facts and circumstances surrounding every offense, we strive to craft a powerful defense.


We can help with first-offense DWIs, multiple DWI offenses, vehicular manslaughter, and everything in between. Our firm recognizes how this stigmatized offense is often the result of a treatable substance abuse problem, and we will focus our approach around getting treatment for those who need it.

Drug Crimes

Our firm represents those facing all types of drug crimes, from minor cannabis possession to manufacturing and trafficking. We advocate for treatment-based options over punitive measures whenever possible, because we find that this approach benefits our clients and our communities alike.


Even misdemeanor theft can leave a permanent stain on your record that can limit your opportunities in the future. Felony theft can be surprisingly easy to arrive at. Our firm can defend you against either charge, and we may sometimes be able to argue for a reduction in the severity of the charge.

Weapons Violations

Even for legal gun owners in Texas, it is not difficult to accidentally carry your firearm into weapons violations territory. For those who are barred from having weapons, such as those who are subject to a protection order, a violation can be serious.

Occupational Drivers License

Occupational Driver's License

Not being able to drive can be crippling to your everyday life. If you need to be able to get to work, your children's schools, or even the grocery store, it can be very difficult without driving privileges. We are skilled at bringing strong cases to let those with suspended or revoked licenses secure an occupational license to drive for these essential purposes.

License Reinstatement

Texas License Hearings

We can provide representation in Administrative License Hearings following DWI arrests or other driver's license suspension cases handled by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We will work with you to make sure you meet all requirements for avoiding a suspension or regaining your driver's license.

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