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Texas has a history of treating drug crimes rather harshly. Our state's laws can be restrictive, forbidding substances like cannabis that can be legally used elsewhere in the country. Whether you are looking at misdemeanor possession or felony trafficking, having a drug crime on your record can leave a lasting stigma that could affect you for the rest of your life. In many cases, those arrested for drug crimes are struggling with addiction and could benefit from treatment, but they may instead risk facing criminal penalties like jail time.

The Dameron Law Firm understands that a range of societal, mental and physical health, and environmental issues often contribute to drug-related crimes. We are committed to bringing forward the best defenses that can be raised on behalf of those being charged on a range of drug offenses.

Drug Possession Attorney in Fort Worth

The seriousness of a possession charge varies depending on what substance you were caught with and how much of it you had. Marijuana possession for personal use is generally the least serious drug charge in Texas. If this is your situation, you are still facing up to 180 days in jail, or at least probation and maybe compulsory treatment. Other, "harder" drugs tend to carry more severe sentencing.

Determining who was legally in possession of a drug is not always cut-and-dry. You may have been arrested without knowledge of a drug's presence in an area within your control. The Dameron Law Firm closely looks at the facts of each case before formulating a defense strategy.

Texas Lawyer for Intent to Distribute

You could be in much greater legal jeopardy if you are charged with intent to distribute a controlled substance. This felony charge means that the prosecution believes you may not only be a drug user, but a drug dealer. While treatment-focused options may be available for simple possession defendants, courts may look much more harshly upon those who intended to distribute drugs.

Often, this crime is charged merely due to the amount of the narcotics found in your possession. For those who suffer from addiction, a personal supply could be mistaken for a product meant to be sold. Our firm will do everything we can to prevent an overly harsh result in your particular case.

Manufacturing and Trafficking Lawyer in Tarrant County

On the most serious end of the drug crimes spectrum, a manufacturing or trafficking conviction could lead to years in prison. "Manufacturing," while evoking images of a meth lab, can refer to any means of preparing, processing, or producing a drug other than cannabis. "Trafficking" makes one think of a criminal organization smuggling massive quantities of drugs, but this charge can apply to much smaller operations. Even sharing a drug with your friends without exchanging money could result in a trafficking charge.

The Dameron Law Firm knows what is at stake when your freedom and future prospects are threatened by one of these serious felonies. Our firm is committed to helping clients resolve drug manufacturing or trafficking charges in a way that leads to a positive and reasonable result.

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If you are facing drug crime charges, The Dameron Law Firm can help build a strong legal defense for you. Our firm is well-versed in the complexities of drug crime in Texas, and we will fight to keep this charge from becoming a life-altering event. Contact us at 817-222-0624 to schedule your free consultation.

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