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A DWI takes on a completely different tone when someone has been hurt or killed. The danger of harming others is the main reason that it is illegal to drive while intoxicated in the first place. DWI injuries and fatalities are the very harms these laws seek to prevent. Texas has created the specific offenses of intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter to address these situations. If you are facing one of these charges, you are likely to be quite anxious, and rightfully so. Both offenses are felonies that carry serious prison time if you are convicted.

The team at The Dameron Law Firm understands that your alleged crime probably happened very quickly. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen. We are experienced at dealing with this type of case, and we realize just how quickly and easily a life-changing accident can occur. We are committed to fighting for a fair resolution to your case, no matter the circumstances.

Fighting Intoxication Assault Charges

Intoxication assault in Texas occurs when one person accidentally causes serious bodily injury to another as a result of driving while intoxicated. Not all injuries caused by a drunk driver will lead to this third-degree felony being charged. For intoxication assault to apply, the injury caused must have been serious, resulting in the risk of death, disfigurement, or impairment in the use of a body part. It is not a charge to be taken lightly.

The penalties for a conviction can be severe. Even if you have never had a DWI before, you could be sent to prison for a period of two to 10 years and ordered to pay up to $10,000 in fines. Due to the extreme nature of this DWI offense, your driver's license will most likely be suspended for up to two years.

The Dameron Law Firm realizes the extent of the impact a conviction for intoxication assault could have on your life. We have experience defending those accused of hurting someone while driving intoxicated and will carefully review your case for any possible defenses that may help you.

Intoxication Manslaughter Defense

Intoxication manslaughter is the most serious charge that can result from driving impaired. When another person has lost their life to a drunk driver, Texas courts will treat the matter with the utmost seriousness. This could be your first-offense DWI, or you could have several prior DWIs - either way, intoxication manslaughter is at least a second-degree felony.

The maximum prison sentence for a conviction is 20 years, and getting your driver's license back when you get out could prove difficult. While the fatal accident itself probably happened in the blink of an eye, the consequences may be lifelong.

If you do have prior DWIs, you are more likely to be looking at harsher sentencing. Texas courts are likely to treat this type of case very harshly, as they may see this incident as part of a larger pattern of reckless criminal behavior, whether this is truly the case or not. Do not try to fight this charge alone. The risks can be enormous. Our team understands what the stakes are when you are charged with intoxication manslaughter, and we will do everything in our power to put forth a strong defense for you.

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If you have been charged with intoxication manslaughter or intoxication assault, The Dameron Law Firm may be able to reduce the impact this charge will have on your life. In some cases, charges may potentially be reduced or dismissed. Contact us online or call 817-222-0624 to arrange a free consultation.

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