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Tarrant County Shoplifting Attorney for Retail Theft Charges

Tarrant County Retail Theft Attorney

While some states have laws that specifically address stealing from retail establishments, Texas prosecutes shoplifting under its theft laws. Retail theft has become a remarkably more complex crime in recent years with the creation of self-checkout lanes, devices designed to bypass security tags, and the rise of online shopping. It has also become easier than ever before to find yourself in possession of unpaid merchandise, whether it was intended or not.

The Dameron Law Firm is experienced in defending Texans accused of retail theft. We realize that there is often more than meets the eye in these cases. Taking unpaid merchandise can sometimes be less than intentional, or it may be driven by an unmet need. While the penalties vary depending on the value of the merchandise taken, a shoplifting record can follow you for the rest of your life. The Dameron Law Firm takes every defense very seriously.

Legal Defense for All Types of Shoplifting in Texas

The term "shoplifting" tends to bring up the mental image of someone stuffing products into their pockets and walking out of the store, but this is far from the only form retail theft takes these days. Common types of actions that lead to retail theft charges include:

  • Self-checkout - Having unscanned items in your cart after going through self-checkout is likely to get you accused of shoplifting, even if it was an accident.
  • Price-changing - Swapping tags to give oneself a discount is theft, and there are increasingly sophisticated ways to do this. However, mislabeled products can lead to a mistaken accusations.
  • Stolen returns - Stealing an item and returning it for cash is a common scheme. The problem is that the person returning an item may not always be aware that the item was stolen.
  • Online orders - When ordering online, all sorts of complications can arise. A person may report not having received a product when they did, or they may claim that an item arrived damaged in order to obtain a refund. Misunderstandings and mistakes, however, are quite possible.
  • Receiving - As with controlled substances, simply being in the possession of stolen goods can lead to criminal charges.

Our firm begins each retail theft case with a careful review of the circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine whether a defense based on lack of intent would make sense in your case.

Attorney for Misdemeanor or Felony Retail Theft in Fort Worth

Facing felony charges over shoplifting may sound extreme, but in Texas, it can happen. The degree of the charge you face will depend on the value of merchandise stolen and whether you have any priors. Generally, retail theft under $2,500 will be prosecuted as a misdemeanor, and retail theft in excess of $2,500 will be prosecuted as a felony.

However, if there are multiple instances of theft alleged - for example, if you are accused of repeatedly making fraudulent online returns or participating in an organized shoplifting ring - the total value could be combined to raise the offense level. It is also strikingly easy to underestimate the value of many items, leaving many Texans surprised when they learn the dollar amount they are accused of taking.

The Dameron Law Firm sees how easily a simple shoplifting accusation can lead to charges that feel disproportionate. Whether you are charged with a minor misdemeanor or a serious felony, we will do everything in our power to build you the strongest possible legal defense.

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No matter the circumstances that led to your shoplifting arrest, The Dameron Law Firm can offer you quality legal representation. Our firm is skilled at conducting thorough investigations into the full set of circumstances surrounding each alleged retail theft to craft powerful defenses. Contact us online or call 817-222-0624 for a free consultation.

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