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Being subjected to an order of protection can be a miserable experience. Some people are even forced to vacate their homes on short notice when the person holding the order was a cohabiting partner. If you are under one of these orders, your situation may feel quite unfair. There are a variety of reasons that protective orders are issued in Texas, ranging from serious instances of domestic abuse to dubious claims of minor violence during a contentious divorce. Whatever the reason a protection order is issued, violating it is a very serious matter.

The Dameron Law Firm is experienced with protective order violation cases, and we see how complex the dynamics involved can get. Those holding protection orders are quite often family members or former romantic partners. A number of factors can contribute to restraining order violations, and our firm understands how the circumstances surrounding these incidents often show a lack of ill intent. We conduct a full review of each alleged violation to build a strong defense.

Legal Help in Texas for All Types of Protective Order Violations

Navigating the terms of an order of protection can be complicated. The idea behind a restraining order is to protect a victim from further harassment or violence, but the terms of most orders go far beyond preventing further violence. You could be charged with a crime for violating terms including:

  • Contact - Any type of prohibited contact with the person holding the order, including text messages, emails, or phone calls, can be a violation.
  • Weapons - Merely being in possession of your otherwise lawful gun could get you arrested.
  • Workplace - Avoiding the location where the person holding the order works can be quite challenging in some circumstances.

It is important to note that if you are accused of violating an order of protection, you could be held in jail without bond. Violating a protective order means that you have disobeyed a judge's direct order, and judges tend to take such allegations incredibly seriously.

Tarrant County Defense Lawyer for Misdemeanor or Felony Restraining Order Violations

Whether your protective order stems from a criminal case involving family violence or other charges, or if it was issued as part of a civil case such as a divorce, violating it can be a serious crime. Many who are subjected to these orders based on allegations made during a child custody dispute or divorce are upset to learn that they could face criminal penalties based on the order.

Typically, a first-time or even second-time violation is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in the county jail and/or a $4,000 fine. However, order of protection violations can be charged as a third-degree felony, which can land you in prison for two to 10 years. Additional consequences can include compulsory counseling or substance abuse treatment if the court feels that you need it.

In criminal cases, it sometimes happens that the alleged victim wishes to reconcile, but the defendant can still be arrested. It is important to know that consent from the victim is no defense. Police will perform arrests, and courts will prosecute protection order violations, even over the objections of the person the order purports to protect.

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If you have been accused of violating an order of protection, The Dameron Law Firm has the experience needed to advocate for you. We carefully consider all the circumstances, including those that led to the order being issued in the first place, when crafting persuasive defenses. Contact us at 817-222-0624 for your free consultation.

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