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Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Tarrant County criminal defense lawyer

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Texas

Facing criminal charges can be very intimidating. You may be experiencing quite a bit of anxiety and uncertainty about what will happen to you. Whether this is the first time you have ever had legal trouble, or you have been through the criminal justice system before, the situation you are in is not easy. Perhaps you made a simple, one-time mistake that you fear will follow you for the rest of your life. Or perhaps you are struggling with long-term mental health or substance abuse problems that are reflected in your criminal record.

No matter your legal situation, The Dameron Law Firm can offer you strong legal representation based on our years of experience. We understand how easy it is for good people to find themselves on the wrong side of the law, particularly when mental health is a factor. Our skilled and compassionate attorneys fight for the best possible outcome in every case, and we take each and every defense very seriously. Our team is fully aware of what is at stake for you, and we will do everything we can to protect your future.

Defense Lawyers for Texas Drug Crimes

Offenses involving controlled substances are one of the most common categories of crime we see in Texas, especially as cannabis remains illegal here. These offenses undeniably carry a stigma, whether you are accused of manufacturing methamphetamine or simply possessing a small amount for personal use. Our firm often strives for treatment-based resolutions to these crimes when addiction is a factor. We are also well-equipped to handle more serious drug crimes such as trafficking and intent to distribute.

Legal Defense for Theft and Property Crimes

Our firm represents those accused of a variety of property crimes, from minor misdemeanor theft charges to felony criminal mischief. Texans who have been arrested for stealing or vandalism are often surprised by the seriousness of the offense they are charged with. Few people expect felony charges over what they see as a harmless prank like graffiti or retail theft, but Texas can be strict about these crimes. The Dameron Law Firm strives for reasonable results that will leave you free to move on with your life.

Tarrant County Law Firm for All DWI Charges

Even a simple, first-time DWI can have a serious impact on your life, starting with a loss of driving privileges. The potential penalties only go up if there are any aggravating circumstances or if you have had a prior DWI. Vehicular assault or manslaughter is even more serious. If you are struggling with alcohol abuse and willing to seek help, we will fight for any sentencing to be treatment-based where possible, and we will strive to minimize the impact this charge will have on your life going forward.

Legal Help for Family Violence and Assault

Any assault charge, and particularly family violence charges, are heavily looked down on, but these are all too often based on dubious claims. Domestic violence charges often lead to highly restrictive and easy-to-violate protection orders. Weapons violations are also a common result, as many who have faced these charges or are subject to a restraining order are also restricted from owning weapons. Mental health issues may be at play. The Dameron Law Firm sees how quickly this type of case can get out of control, and we strive to prevent it.

Burglary and Trespassing Lawyers Charges

While they sound very different, burglary and trespassing are closely related. Misdemeanor trespassing may be elevated to felony burglary when the state believes the trespasser intended to commit theft, assault, or any other felony.

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At The Dameron Law Firm, our goal is to leave each client in the best position possible after their case is resolved. Our experienced criminal defense team has the skills needed to build strong defenses for each unique case. Contact us online or give us a call at 817-222-0624 to schedule a free consultation.

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