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Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a terrifying experience for those who have never had contact with the criminal justice system. DWI is a very common first offense, in Texas and elsewhere. Many people who have thus far led normal, law-abiding lives find themselves in trouble for driving while intoxicated after a single mistake. While you are probably anxious - and rightfully so, considering how harsh Texas can be with DWIs - your situation is not hopeless.

The Dameron Law Firm is highly experienced at defending first-offense DWI cases, and we may be able to help you reduce the impact this event will have on your life. In some cases, charges can be reduced or dismissed. In others, alternative sentencing can keep you out of jail and minimize any disruption to your daily life. When a DWI charge takes you by surprise, our team is here to help.

Texas Penalties for a First DWI

In Texas, there is a three-day mandatory minimum jail sentence for those convicted of a first DWI, which is usually charged as a Class B misdemeanor. However, the maximum sentence for a first-time DWI defendant is 180 days in jail. If convicted, you can also expect to pay a fine of up to $2,000. Further, you may lose your driver's license for up to a year, which Texans know can make it difficult to get around our sprawling state. A license suspension is required by law for any alcohol-related conviction. A person may also be required to use an ignition interlock device based on bond conditions set by a judge or as part of the penalty for a DWI conviction.

A skilled attorney may be able to make a case for alternative sentencing if this is your first offense. Sentences of probation or community service may be possible, but they are likely to come with a requirement that you attend drug or alcohol treatment. These lighter forms of sentencing are less likely to be offered for a second or third DWI.

Under Texas law, a DWI conviction never drops off your criminal record. This conviction leaves a permanent mark on your criminal record, even it is the only crime you are ever charged with. At The Dameron Law Firm, we understand the impact of a criminal conviction, and we will fight to protect your future.

Challenging Chemical and Field Sobriety Testing

Police officers and prosecutors alike rely on the results of both field sobriety and chemical tests. However, neither method of trying to determine whether someone is sober is foolproof. Chemical tests are highly sensitive, and errors on the part of police offiders can significantly affect the results can be significant. Likewise, plenty of factors other than intoxication can cause someone to make a mistake during field sobriety testing. Our attorney begins DWI case analyses by painstakingly reviewing any chemical or field sobriety test evidence of your alleged intoxication to determine whether you have any defenses grounded in these common problems.

Felony DWI Charges

Even a first DWI can be charged as a felony in Texas under certain circumstances. Often, this is done because a minor was endangered, or because someone got hurt or killed as a result of drunk driving. If this is the situation you are faced with, it is a very serious matter. You may have been charged with intoxication assault or a similar crime.

The potential penalties can vary significantly depending on the exact circumstances, but felonies carry more than a year of prison time in addition to significant fines. These aggravated DWI crimes are not to be taken lightly, and they can have a much greater impact on your life and future opportunities than a simple misdemeanor DWI.

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