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Client Testimonials

"I was INCREDIBLY lucky to have put in contact with Mr. Dameron. He not only saved me once, but TWICE. No clue how, but my first DWI he got EXPUNGED. He made my second a piece of cake because he walked me through every step. He was my FIRST phone call on my second because I trust this man with my LIFE. Thank you Craig for ALWAYS being by my side. My family thanks you as well."

– Ryan

Client Testimonials

"I found out about Craig online and met with him in Fort Worth to discuss my case. He immediately struck me as a man of integrity with an extensive knowledge of the law and the court system. Not only did Craig get my charges reduced and work closely with me through the arduous legal process, but we became good friends at the same time. He is the only DWI attorney I would recommend to friends that might have gotten arrested in Tarrant County."

– David

Client Testimonials

"Craig Dameron is my attorney of choice.He really cares about his clients and has proven to go above and beyond,if your looking for legal help from someone who genuinely cares Craig is your guy! "

– Jordan

Client Testimonials

"Craig Dameron was my attorney on a criminal case I had for a DWI. He was amazing and was there for me through the whole year long ordeal. Best attorney I have ever had, hands down. He’s very empathetic and worked with me through a very difficult time in my life. I still receive great advice from him. If I ever need to be represented again, I will be using him."

– Ashley

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