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Manufacturing and trafficking are among the most serious drug-related offenses in the state of Texas. The penalties can be extremely severe, including up to 99 years in prison, depending on the substance involved and other factors. You may be understandably quite anxious about how your case will be resolved. Unfortunately, the legal definitions of manufacturing and trafficking can include a broad range of conduct. Many defendants are taken by surprise when they learn about the seriousness of their charges.

The Dameron Law Firm is experienced with these types of cases, and we understand the complexities of drug-related crime. Our firm is aware of the societal and environmental factors that often contribute to drug offenses. We see how easy it is to become swept up in drug manufacturing or trafficking, and our goal is to bring about fair and positive resolutions to these cases so that you can move forward with your life.

Fort Worth Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer

The legal definition of "manufacturing" is rather broad under Texas state law. While the term may evoke images of a meth lab, manufacturing encompasses a much wider range of activity. Any type of processing, preparing, converting, or compounding an illicit substance can meet the definition. You need not have been actually producing or making a drug to find yourself slapped with a manufacturing charge.

Even repackaging, "cutting," or relabeling a drug can count. As you can see, Texas law leaves the meaning of manufacturing quite broad. The Dameron Law Firm is experienced at fighting back against these sometimes overly severe felony charges.

Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney in Tarrant County

When you hear the term "drug trafficking," you may think of a large criminal syndicate smuggling mass quantities of narcotics. However, this is hardly the case in a majority of drug trafficking prosecutions. Even possessing a large quantity of a controlled substance can lead to you being charged with trafficking or intent to distribute.

Selling any amount, or even delivering without an exchange of money, can constitute drug trafficking in Texas. You need not be a drug dealer to face this charge. In fact, many users find themselves accused of trafficking simply because they had a large personal supply.

While drug trafficking is always charged as a felony, the degree and attached penalties will depend on the specific facts of your case. Texas categorizes controlled substances into groups based on their potential for abuse and several other factors.

Group 1 drugs with the highest abuse potential and no medical use, like heroin and methamphetamine, lead to the most serious penalties. Group 4 drugs, like certain prescription drugs containing lower concentrations of a narcotic, may lead to less harsh penalties. However, the quantity involved is also an important factor. The larger the amount you were found in possession of, the more serious your charge could be and the more prison time you risk serving.

The Dameron Law Firm understands how easily a situation involving drugs can escalate from possession to a trafficking or manufacturing charge. Our firm is experienced at defending people accused of drug trafficking in order to bring about a reasonable result. Texas is notoriously harsh in its treatment of drug crimes, so the importance of a strong legal defense cannot be understated.

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When you are facing manufacturing or trafficking charges, The Dameron Law Firm can help. We will review every aspect of your case thoroughly in order to identify every possible defense available to you. Contact us online or call 817-222-0624 to arrange a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Tarrant County from our Fort Worth office.

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