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Violent offenses carry not only serious legal penalties, but an enormous stigma that can follow you for the rest of your life. Being accused of any type of assaultive crime can put you in a very risky position. Family violence in particular is taken very seriously in the state of Texas. All too often, these charges stem from disputes among family members that spiral out of control and lead to physical confrontations - or the appearance of one. Many people find themselves arrested and charged with these crimes whether they did something wrong or not.

Our firm understands that in assault cases, there are always two sides to the story. The Dameron Law Firm has a good deal of experience defending those accused of assaultive or family violence offenses under all types of circumstances. If you are facing these charges, our law office may be able to help with your criminal defense case.

Lawyer for All Texas Family Violence Offenses

Texas recognizes multiple distinct crimes of violence against the family depending on the nature and severity of the assault and whether there have been repeated instances of violence in the home. An intimate partner need not be the victim. Other members of your family or household, or even former partners, can be the alleged victim. These offenses include:

  • Domestic Violence Assault - This offense involves making physical contact with the victim in a way that is physically harmful, or that you knew or should have known would offend them. It is strikingly easy to fall into the latter category during a disagreement with a relative or partner. This is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a $4,000 fine.
  • Aggravated Domestic Assault - A first-degree felony, this offense is charged when the victim suffers serious bodily injury or if a weapon is used in a way that makes the victim fear serious harm or death. The potential prison sentence could be between five and 99 years. This is an extremely serious charge.
  • Continuous Violence - This charge means that there were two separate incidents of domestic violence within a one-year period. Both assaults must be proven, but continuous violence can be charged even if you were not arrested for one of the incidents. Protection order violations are often also alleged in these cases.

Many cases involving an accusation of violence against family members are much more complex and nuanced than they initially appear to be. Attorney Craig Dameron understands how quickly and easily disputes among family can spiral, and we want to help you put forth your best defense.

Legal Defense for Assault Crimes in Tarrant County

Much like family violence offenses, other assault cases are often not so cut-and-dry. By the time police respond to a report of a physical altercation, it is often not very clear what has transpired. This can lead to substantial confusion regarding who may be charged and for what.

The legal definition of assault in Texas is quite broad. While simple assault is usually charged as a misdemeanor, more serious assaults or repeat offenses can result in felony charges. Other aggravating circumstances, such as the victim being a public servant, can also push a simple assault into felony territory.

If you are faced with any type of assault charge, our firm is here to build your strongest defense. We will help you build a successful defense strategy and advocate on your behalf during your case.

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If you have been accused of family violence or assault, there is help available at The Dameron Law Firm. Our experienced firm has handled all types of assault and domestic violence cases, and we believe that your side of the story counts. Contact us online or call 817-222-0624 to schedule a free consultation.

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