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Tarrant County Criminal Defense Attorney

Tarrant County criminal lawyer for DWI, drug charges, and assault

Tarrant County, TX Defense Lawyer for Felony or Misdemeanor Charges

Getting charged with a crime can be a tremendously stressful experience. You may feel like your entire future hangs in the balance. This is not an unreasonable feeling - a lot can be at stake when you face criminal prosecution. Misdemeanor and felony convictions alike can follow you for the rest of your life. Some defendants have simply made a single mistake. Others are in need of enhanced mental health services or addiction treatment to set them on a better path. Others still have been falsely accused.

The Dameron Law Firm will strive to minimize the impact a criminal charge will have on your life going forward. We realize that crime is anything but simple, and we have seen over and over how easily good people can become caught up in the criminal justice system. Our goal is to resolve your case as painlessly as possible. You may already feel as if you are being punished just by going through this process. Our firm is skilled and compassionate, and we will be with you to advocate for you every step of the way.

Legal Help With Any Texas DWI Charge

A DWI is a heavily stigmatized charge, but also a very misunderstood one. Many people arrested for DWI are not partygoers who chose not to call a cab, but people struggling with significant substance abuse problems. Our law firm focuses heavily on fighting for these individuals to receive treatment rather than jail time wherever possible. We defend those accused of all DWI offenses, from simple first-time DWIs to repeat DWIs and vehicular manslaughter. If you need to drive and are eligible for an occupational license, or if you are trying to restore your driving privileges after a suspension, we can help try to get you back on the road too.

Fort Worth Attorney for Theft and Criminal Mischief

Theft, including retail theft, can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value of the stolen property. The same is true for criminal mischief, or vandalism, charges. It is easy for these crimes to become much more serious than you may have thought. The Dameron Law Firm is adept at handling these charges so that you can move on with your life.

Texas Family Violence and Assault Attorney

Family violence charges are treated as extremely serious. However, they often arise out of a heated dispute during which a lot of accusations - true or not - are made. Domestic violence arrests can be abrupt and surprising. If you lived with the alleged victim, you may be barred from entering your own home lest you violate an order of protection. Our firm strives to bring the complexities of these cases to light to protect your freedom and reputation alike.

Drug Crimes Lawyer in Tarrant County

Addiction can strike anyone, regardless of background. Possession and even intent to distribute charges can leave you with not just a record, but a stigma. Those caught up in trafficking or manufacturing are often people struggling with their own substance abuse or mental health issues. The Dameron Law Firm focuses on resolving these charges so clients can recover and return to their lives.

Texas Law Firm Fighting Trespassing and Burglary Charges

Trespassing and burglary sound like very different crimes, but they are actually so similar that prosecutors cannot always easily distinguish the two. Trespassing effectively becomes burglary if the defendant intended to commit a felony, theft, or an assault after unlawfully entering or staying in another's property. The difference between a felony and a misdemeanor often depends on what the prosecution believes you meant to do. Our firm may be able to make a strong case for a reduction in charges.

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The Dameron Law Firm is well-equipped to handle any charge you may be facing. Our Fort Worth criminal defense law firm is highly experienced, and we are aware that there is more to a criminal accusation than meets the eye. Contact us at 817-222-0624 for a free consultation.

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