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Tarrant County DWI Defense Lawyer

Tarrant County DWI Defense Attorney

Tarrant County, TX Drunk Driving Attorney for First-Time DWI or Repeat DWI Charges

Texas is notoriously harsh in its treatment of DWI offenses. Not only are the legal penalties often severe, but the crime is also heavily stigmatized. When people think of drunk driving, they often imagine a partygoer who refused to spend a few dollars on an Uber home. In reality, DWI defendants are more likely to be normal, everyday people arrested for driving while intoxicated. Yet, even a single DWI can have a major impact on a person's life, long after they have undergone treatment. The accompanying loss of driving privileges can add even more stress to the situation.

The Dameron Law Firm is experienced with DWI cases, from simple first-time DWIs all the way up to vehicular manslaughter. We see all the factors at play in these cases, and we are adept at designing strong defenses based on the particular facts of each case. Whether by challenging the results of chemical testing or by fighting for a reduction in charges and a treatment-based sentence, our firm will fight for your future and your freedom.

Texas Law Firm for First-Time DWI Defendants

If a DWI charge is your first interaction with the criminal justice system, you may be quite shaken up. Even a first-time DWI with no aggravating factors (like causing an accident) can result in a range of punishments, which may include three to 180 days in jail. However, there are a number of defense options available to you. Both field sobriety tests and chemical tests can be flawed, and police officers may make mistakes when administering them.

We will evaluate the facts of your case to seek out any defenses that may work for you. In some cases, alternative sentencing that could include probation or addiction treatment may be on the table with a skilled attorney advocating for you. Our goal is to minimize the impact this charge will have on your future.

Legal Help for Repeat DWI Offenders in Tarrant County

Very often, mental health or addiction is the root cause of repeated DWIs. Unfortunately, courts are less likely to demonstrate understanding or leniency on a repeat offense. A second DWI is generally a Class A misdemeanor, and it carries a 30-day minimum jail sentence. You could lose your driving privileges for a full year or be forced to install an interlock and drive only for necessary purposes, like getting to work.

A third DWI is extremely serious and will result in a felony charge. This time, you could be facing two or more years of prison time. For a fourth or subsequent DWI, the consequences are even more severe. The court may see you as a danger to public safety, and it will sentence prison time accordingly.

The Dameron Law Firm knows how easily an addiction can land you in circumstances you never thought you would be in. We want to help, and we will start by putting forth the best legal defense we can.

Aggravated and Felony DWI

What would have been a simple DWI can turn into vehicular manslaughter in the blink of an eye. Drunk or drugged driving that results in an injury or a death is treated very harshly and can lead to a long prison sentence.

Less serious aggravated circumstances can still push your DWI into felony territory. Having a minor in your car or an open container can also result in a felony DWI case. Our legal team will strive to resolve your charge fairly, putting you first at every stage.

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The Dameron Law Firm is experienced at resolving DWI charges in a way that protects your freedom, future, reputation, and driving privileges. We understand how much can be at stake in a DWI case - and how easy it is to find yourself facing these charges. Contact our law office at 817-222-0624 to schedule a free consultation.

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