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download.jpgAt The Dameron Law Firm, we strive to provide the best possible representation for clients in criminal defense cases. Attorney Craig Dameron works to protect the rights of defendants and help them resolve their cases successfully, and he has been recognized for the quality of the legal services he provides. Recently, 360 West magazine named Craig Dameron as one of the top criminal defense attorneys for 2023 in the Fort Worth area. 

360 West is a lifestyle magazine that serves people in the Tarrant County area and residents of North Texas who live to the west of Highway 360. Every year, the magazine compiles a list of the top attorneys in the region who can provide high-quality legal help and representation in various practice areas. Attorneys are selected through a peer-voting process, and inclusion on the list demonstrates that a lawyer is respected by others in the legal community. 

Reasons Why Craig Dameron Is a Top Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Dameron has multiple decades of experience in criminal law, and he has successfully represented clients in numerous types of cases, including:


fort worth criminal defense lawyerThe Dameron Law Firm is pleased to announce that attorney, Craig Dameron, has been named a Top Attorney in the field of criminal defense for 2022 by Fort Worth Magazine. The magazine works to create a comprehensive list of the best attorneys in the area each year, receiving nominations from people in the legal field and reviewing these nominations to ensure that the attorneys recognized meet high standards and can provide quality legal services to clients. This is the seventh year in a row that Mr. Dameron has been recognized as a Top Attorney, demonstrating that he can provide excellent legal representation in criminal defense matters.

Why Craig Dameron Is a Top Attorney in the Field of Criminal Defense

Attorney Dameron understands the problems faced by those who have been arrested and charged with criminal offenses. People in this position are often forced into a frightening, unfamiliar situation. They may worry that if they say or do the wrong thing during their case, they could face serious consequences such as fines, the loss of a driver's license, restrictions on where they can go and what they can do, or even jail time. People in this situation need a compassionate advocate who can guide them through the legal process, help them understand what to expect, and fight to protect their rights.

We provide effective legal representation in multiple types of criminal cases, including:

  • DWI - People who are arrested because they are suspected of drunk or intoxicated driving can face serious consequences, even for a first offense. In some cases, these arrests may occur after a person has made a mistake, and they will be looking to determine how they can minimize the impact on their ability to drive, their career, or their life as a whole. In other cases, a person may have a history of substance abuse, and they may need to undergo treatment to help them avoid behavior that could put themselves or others at risk of harm in the future. We work to ensure that people can respond correctly to these types of charges and avoid a negative impact on their lives as much as possible.

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