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Defending Against Felony Shoplifting Charges in Texas

 Posted on December 01, 2023 in Criminal Defense

Fort Worth Criminal LawyerWhen people think of serious crimes, many make the mistake of underestimating the theft charge, usually considering it a non-serious offense that can easily be beaten. Few individuals are actually aware of just how serious charges such as shoplifting can be. Taking it a step further, the majority of individuals, especially in Texas, are often shocked to discover that shoplifting can be charged as a felony offense, bringing with it exorbitant fines and potential jail time. If you are facing felony shoplifting charges, time is of the essence. To provide yourself the best opportunity to fight these charges successfully, contact a lawyer to formulate your defense strategy and give yourself a fair shot at sidestepping a conviction and moving on with your life.

Understanding Felony Shoplifting in Texas

In Texas, shoplifting is typically charged as theft. The severity of the charge depends on the value of the property that was stolen. For example, when the value exceeds a certain threshold, such as $2,500, the offense can be classified as a felony offense. Of course, felony shoplifting charges can result in more severe penalties than misdemeanor shoplifting charges. 

Potential Defense Strategies 

  • No intent – One of the most common defenses in shoplifting cases is to argue that there was no intent to steal. This defense can be effective if you demonstrate that you accidentally left the store without paying for the items or had no intention to permanently deprive the store of its property.

  • Mistaken identity – Sometimes, mistaken identity can be a valid defense. Suppose you can provide evidence that you did not commit the shoplifting offense, such as through surveillance footage or witness testimonies. In that case, it can cast doubt on your involvement and potentially lead to a dismissal of charges.

  • Lack of evidence – The prosecution is burdened to prove your guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. If the evidence against you is weak or lacks credibility, your defense lawyer may challenge it where it should be allowed in court. 

  • Illegal search and seizure – If law enforcement obtained evidence illegally, your defense lawyer may argue that this evidence should be suppressed, meaning it should not allowed to be used against you. 

  • Plea bargaining – This option involves pleading guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for reduced charges or a more lenient sentence. Like all defense strategies, this one should be carefully considered with the guidance of your defense lawyer. 

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Shoplifting Defense Attorney

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