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How Much Are Bail Bonds in Texas?

 Posted on April 30, 2019 in Uncategorized

A New Proposed Bail Law in Texas

In recent years, the bail process in Texas has faced increased scrutiny. Critics call the way Texas judges decide bail amounts arbitrary and say it puts a higher burden on poorer defendants, who are often unable to “bail out” of jail during the duration their criminal case.

The Current Bail Bond Law in Texas

In Texas, as with most other states, bail is a way of ensuring defendants will return back to court for hearings after being charged with a crime. Instead of keeping a defendant in jail until their case is resolved, they may pay money to the court (a “bond”) as a promise to return for future court proceedings. If the defendant fails to appear for future hearings, they forfeit the money to the court. In Texas, all crimes except for capital murder are considered eligible for setting bail, though the judge has discretion as to the amount to be set for the case.

How is the Proposed Bail Bond Law Different?

A new law proposed in the Texas legislature would change the way judges decide how high to set bail, or even whether to set it at all. The law would implement a system that looks at past criminal history to determine threats to public safety and whether or not the defendant is a high flight risk, rather than just looking at the charge itself. This would help alleviate the issue of poorer defendants having to stay in jail, while their wealthier counterparts accused of similar crimes are allowed to remain free in society during their criminal case proceedings. Similar proposals have been introduced in recent years to no avail, but this year, legislators are hoping for a different outcome.

How is Bail Set in Tarrant County?

Currently, Tarrant County is already using a system similar to the proposed law. Instead of the bond being determine in the Tarrant County city where the individual was arrested, the bond is set by a magistrate at the county jail. This means that everyone arrested in Tarrant County is taken to the Tarrant County Jail. Even though bond amounts seem to be typically lower, it can take longer for an individual to get out of jail. If you need more information about someone in the Tarrant County Jail, check the website below for more information.

Tarrant County Inmate Search

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