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Tarrant County Pretrial Diversion Programs

 Posted on March 19, 2020 in Uncategorized

If you are a first-time offender in Tarrant County, you may qualify for a Pretrial Diversion program! Pretrial Diversion Programs are an alternative to prosecution which seeks to divert certain offenders from criminal proceedings into a program of supervision and counseling. When the diversion program is complete, the case is dismissed. Once the case is dismissed, an expunction can be filed immediately in some cases or after a wait period in other cases. For more information on an expunction click here.

Tarrant County Diversion Programs include:

Deferred Prosecution Program. Deferred Prosecution Program, also known as DPP, is available for youthful offenders, age 17 to 24 at the time of the offense, who have not been previously convicted of an offense, and who are willing and able to rehabilitate themselves. For more information on DPP click here.

Veterans Court Diversion Program. The Veterans Court Diversion Program is a diversion program for Justice Involved Veterans who are currently facing prosecution for one or more criminal cases. The program offers offenders a treatment option that is judicially supervised. For more information on Veteran's Court click here.

First Offender Drug Program. The First Offender Drug Program is a limited-supervision program for first-time drug offenders that would be considered a self-corrector. Applicant cannot have been convicted, have current or past community supervision or deferred adjudication, nor currently have any pending case for offenses other than Class C misdemeanors. For more information on FODP click here.

Mental Health Diversion Program. The Mental Health Court Diversion Program is a pre-trial post-booking diversion program for mentally impaired offenders. The program is designed to divert eligible mentally ill offenders from the traditional criminal justice process to appropriate community-based mental health treatment. For more information on MHDP click here.

Youthful Offender Diversion Alternative. YODA is an alternative to standard pre-trial diversion programs for family assaults. This program provides counseling and case management to youthful offenders aged 17-25, who have been arrested for assault against a non-intimate family member. For more information on YODA click here.

Domestic Violence Diversion Program. The Domestic Violence Diversion Program, targets domestic violence, or violence between intimate partners. Selected defendants charged with family violence in Tarrant County are placed into the pre-trial diversion court which monitors the defendant's progress in a non-adversarial manner and is in lieu of traditional case processing. For more information on DVDP click here.

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