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Understanding Drug Charges Related to Methamphetamines in Texas

 Posted on July 06, 2023 in Drug Crimes

Untitled-8.jpgThere are multiple types of drugs that are classified as controlled substances, and there are numerous reasons why people in Texas may face drug charges related to the possession or distribution of these substances. In recent years, many drug offenses have been related to methamphetamines, which are regarded as some of the most dangerous and addictive types of drugs. Because of these concerns, those who are accused of possessing, selling, distributing, or manufacturing methamphetamines may face severe penalties if they are convicted. If you have been accused of drug offenses related to meth, an experienced criminal defense attorney can advise you of your options and help you determine how to minimize the potential penalties you may face.

Methamphetamine Offenses in Texas

The Texas Controlled Substances Act classifies methamphetamines in Penalty Group 1. This categorization places meth among the most dangerous and harmful types of illegal drugs. The specific offenses related to methamphetamines may include:

  • Possession of methamphetamines - Because methamphetamines are considered to be so dangerous, possession of any amount of these drugs can carry severe criminal penalties. The charges and penalties vary based on the quantity of methamphetamines. Possession of less than one gram is a state jail felony, and a conviction carries a minimum sentence of six months and a maximum sentence of two years. Possession of one to four grams is a third degree felony with a sentence of two to 10 years, while possession of four to 200 grams is a second degree felony with a sentence of two to 20 years.

  • Sale and distribution of methamphetamines - These charges may apply if a person is accused of delivering methamphetamines to others, including by selling them, giving them to friends, or transporting them with the intent of distributing them to one or more other people. In cases involving large amounts of methamphetamines, a person may be charged with possession with intent to distribute. If a situation involved at least one gram of methamphetamines, a person may be charged with a second degree felony. Distribution of more than four grams may result in first degree felony charges, and a person may be sentenced to between five and 99 years in prison.

  • Manufacturing methamphetamines - A person who is accused of operating a meth lab or otherwise engaging in the production or packaging of methamphetamines will face the same charges as would apply for distribution of the substance. However, criminal charges may also apply if a person possessed certain types of chemicals or equipment with the intent of using them to manufacture methamphetamines. Possession of these items may result in second degree felony charges.

  • Delivery of drug paraphernalia - Items used to manufacture, package, or use methamphetamines may be restricted, and a person who sells or distributes these items to others could face criminal charges. Delivery of paraphernalia related to methamphetamines is a Class A misdemeanor, which could result in a maximum jail sentence of one year.

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If you have been arrested on drug charges related to methamphetamines, you may be facing severe penalties that can affect your life for years to come. It is crucial to understand the specific charges you are facing and the consequences of a conviction, as well as your options for defense. At The Dameron Law Firm, our Fort Worth drug crimes attorney can help you fight these charges, ensuring that your rights will be protected during the course of your case. Contact our firm at 817-222-0624 to set up your free consultation.


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